here are season 1 episodes from Angelica and Susie's Preschool Daze

Good News Bad News US: November 16 2008 UK: July 25 2005Edit

Angelica says to the class during circle time that she wants to be a News Anchor. To making this exciting Mrs. Weemer tells the class that they will make a news show and watch it at 2:00. Angelica wants to make exciting news but Susie rejects these ideas and wants to show the right news. To make an enormous story Angelica pressures one of her classmates to climb a tree but things backfire when Angelica gets scared when she's in the tree too.

Picture Imperfect US: November 23 2008 UK: July 26 2005Edit

The class prepares for their first school pictures but Harold worries because he has never taken a good picture in his entire life. To calm his fears Susie convinces Angelica to stand next but when Savannah states that it will ruin her reputation for the rest of her school carreer she has doubts about her deal with Harold.

Tree's A Crowd US: November 30 2008 UK: July 27 2005Edit

The class performs an amusing take on George Wahington's adventures with the cherry tree and crossing the Delaware River. But Angelica gets jealous when she's the tree and her sweetheart Matthew is George Washington with Savannah playing the part of Martha Washington.

Finder's Kreepers US: December 7 2008 UK: July 27 2005Edit

Angelica says she has the classroom keys. Then she steals the teacher's keys to pretend they are hers and loses them. Then Angelica Susie and Harold must take the creepy gardener's keys to the teacher before she realizes she has no keys.